Seward Co-op

Temporary worker: An employee who’s employment has an end date

On-call:An employee with no regular shifts

Limited part time: An employee who works less than 15 hours on a regular basis.

Part-time: An employee scheduled to work 15-29 hours on a regular basis.

Full-time: An employee scheduled to work full-time hours, 30+ hours per week, on a regular basis.

Paid Time Off
Paid Time Off is accrued based on hours worked for hourly Part and Full time employees.

Discount and Membership
Seward Co-op offers a 15% discount on food and 25% discount on Wellness, body care and supplements (tea and general merchandise are not considered Wellness) to you, your live-in partner and dependants. Only offered to Limited, On-call and Temporary workers on the days worked.
Membership/ Gain Sharing
After 1,000 hours of employment at Seward employees are given a gift membership at the coop and enrolled in Sewards gain sharing.

Retirement Plan
Seward offers a 401K Retirement plan.  You are eligible to contribute when you have reached your 1,000 hours.

 Livable wage
After 2,000 hours, Full and Part time employee will be eligible for that years livable wage amount.

Community Service Hours
Seward Co-op gives all staff Community Service hours. The hours accrue based on hours worked. No more than 30 hours can accrue and be used in one year. Only 20 hours will accrue at any given time. Community Service hours are not paid if the employee resigns.  You may use you accrued Volunteer hours for volunteer work at a non-profit

Get H.I.P program
Is an employee Health Initiative Program for Seward Staff.  The program was designed to reward staff for being active.

Bicycle Commuting Reimbursement
The Bicycle Transit Fringe Benefit is set up to offset some of the costs of biking for transit to work.
This benefit reimburses you for a maximum of $20.00 each month ($240/year) for expenses incurred by commuting by bicycle 12 times per month.

Insurance Plan Benefits

Seward provides employees with several choices within our plan.
Term life insurance and long-term disability insurance are considered core benefits and are required for full-time employees.

Full time employees can also choose medical, dental, supplemental life, short-term disability; accident, vision and flexible spending account options.  Employees become eligible on the first of the month after 60 days of employment.  The amounts for medical, dental,vision and flexible spending account are deducted from your paycheck pre-tax.

Within Seward’s plan you have choices including flex plan, short-term disability, accident and supplemental life insurance and vision insurance

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